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Application for Annual Weight Loss Give Away!!

Christina Larson and the His & Her Fitness team are again proud to offer their annual “8 Weeks to Greatness” program.

It’s simple. Refer a friend or family member who wants a healthier lifestyle and watch them transform.

The selected participant will receive a personalized exercise routine and nutritional plan, plus lots of fun gifts and a photo shoot.

Applicant qualifications:

  • Referred by client currently training at His & Her Fitness
  • Someone who needs to lose approximately 30-40lbs
  • Appreciative
  • Outgoing
  • Ready to share the story of their success

8 Weeks to Greatness participant must be ready to:

  • Maintain weekly weight training schedule – 2x/week
  • Complete creative cardio at H&H on off days – at least 2x/week
  • Keep mandatory food journal – daily
  • Email trainer with progress report – at least once a week
  • Inspire others to follow fit lifestyle
  • Tell story via social media – ex. Facebook/Twitter/Linked In/Instagram
  • Work to maintain healthy habits after “8 Weeks to Greatness” program ends

Previous “8 Weeks to Greatness” local gift packages have included the following:

  • 8 weeks of personal training
  • 8 weeks of nutrition planning
  • Professional photo shoot
  • Make-over (hair and make-up)
  • Fashion attire for photo shoot
  • Heart-rate monitor
  • Massage
  • Jewelry
  • Fitness apparel
  • Restaurant certificates


Please complete the following information
to apply for this special opportunity.


When you are faced with an unfamiliar problem, what do you usually do?(Required)
Compared with other co-workers, how quickly do you usually complete your tasks?(Required)
During normal conversation,how quickly do you speak?(Required)
How often do you finish other people's sentences because they speak too slowly?(Required)
Have you ever been waiting at the doctor's office 30 minutes past your appointment time, and have several chores to do when you get home. What do you do?(Required)
How often are you late for appointments?(Required)
When you are playing a game, how important is it for you to win?(Required)
How would your co-workers and friends rate you?(Required)
How would your closest friends rate your general activity level?(Required)
When you have free time, what would you prefer to do?(Required)
Looking back now, how would you rate your behavior as a child?(Required)
Do you keep a daily schedule or calendar of your plans?(Required)
When you are in a group situation (like completing a group project), how do you usually act?(Required)
How far in advance would you prepare for a group presentation?(Required)
What is an ordinary day in your life like?(Required)
How many days per week do you engage in physical exercise?(Required)