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About Hickman Mills Missouri

Hickman Mills Missouri is a neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri in the Kansas City metropolitan area. There is good access to the Interstate and Federal highway system, with I-435, I-470, and US-71/I-49 running through the area, including the Grandview Triangle. It also includes Longview Lake and Longview Community College.

Positioned near the junction of the Santa Fe, California and Oregon trails (called the Three Trails area), Hickman Mills is located in the southern part of Kansas City, Missouri, and at one time was a separate community until it was annexed by the city in 1961. The town site was originally platted in 1845 by Randall Allen; it received its name when in 1854 Edwin Alfred Hickman purchased 40 acres in Washington Township to build a steam-powered grist and saw mill along Hart Grove Creek. He had moved down from Independence when wood became scarce for his mill there and he sought to take advantage of the large amount of traffic on the nearby Santa Fe Trail at that time. Its current given name is due to a clerical error in the second half of the 19th century; when the community around Hickman's Mill applied for a federal post office, the officer in Washington, D.C., mangled the name to "Hickman Mills". As late as 1930 a plat of the area still referred to it as "Hickman's Mill", while older maps even listed it as "Hickmans Mills". The exact location of the mill is not known however one reference indicates that it was about 100 feet north of the junction of Hickman Mills Drive and Hillcrest Road, next to Hart Grove Creek which originally ran about 50 feet west, and about 300 feet south of the town center. During the Financial Panic of 1857 local banks closed and credit and money became scarce; Hickman had extended credit to so many in the community that he himself became insolvent and the mill closed just a few years later in 1859. Hickman ended up going west to look for gold in Colorado and the mill was sold, the lumber from the mill being used to build other structures. An Independence milling company purchased the equipment, and a local neighbor, Solomon Young (great-grandfather to President Harry S Truman) used some of the lumber to build a barn. A pool used by the mill for boiler water was converted to use for baptisms of the nearby church. Even with the mill gone and the Santa Fe Trail growing into disuse after 1870, the town continued to grow, with the local Post Office serving the residents of both Hickman Mills and what became the town of Grandview, 4 miles south. Rail service arrived a few years later, connecting the town directly to Kansas City.