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Karey and Stephanie’s Journals – 2014

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Karey Wolstenholm

Week 1
I just finished my first week and I’m feeling confident. I even went out of town — packed food and didn’t miss a workout. I had forgotten how good it feels to exercise regularly. I can honestly say I have never combined eating healthy and exercising this much in my lifetime. Better late than never — and it’s working.

It truly helps when you have the support of family and friends! It also helps when you’re surrounded by the encouraging staff at His & Her Fitness. I’m excited to keep going and see what this body can do!!!

Week 3
I can fit into jeans that were WAY too tight! It’s the first time I’m noticing a difference around my middle (muffin top) and thighs. It’s amazing how good you can feel from what food enters your body and exercising! This week is also the first week I could honestly tell I hadn’t drunk enough water by the time I worked out. My leg muscles ached more and I felt a little sluggish — get your water on, peeps! Your body talks to you!

This overall experience is having a great effect with my kids wanting to be healthier. I also have friends asking me questions about the whole experience. It’s contagious! Let’s go go go!!!

Week 4
WOW — for first time I can say someone noticed I have lost weight and look more fit! (Actually 4 people!) More and more I am feeling more confident and better about myself. I am fitting into more clothes that have been tucked away in my closet! And I can actually see a difference in the mirror.

I am really starting to think about what actual foods are entering my mouth and how good they are for me. But I am also feeling conflicted with how I have fed my three kiddos. One wants to eat more like me and is willing to try anything. One is starting to develop bad habits with food choices, but will also eat healthy as well. The last one — well, let’s just say the last one needs a LOT of work. I do take responsibility as I am the parent. Slowly introducing healthier options — with the support of my husband — makes it easier.

The encouragement, accountability and support you get at His & Her Fitness is remarkable! They have their act together and are a fun group to be with. I recently have seen and heard them tossing the term “fitfam” around — it truly is a fitness family.

I am loving the weight training and my cardio is starting to see a turn. And I am having to work a little harder to keep that heart rate in the fat burning zone! Four more weeks to go! Can’t wait to see more results!

Week 5
It’s starting to feel like a lifestyle change for sure. My hubby is commenting that he can really tell a difference 🙂 This is not just about me, but also about my influence on the people around me. I love feeling healthier and better about myself. I’m praying it rubs off on the ones I love the most. I can’t thank Christina enough for this wonderful opportunity. What an awesome job she has to be able to influence other’s lives in such a positive way! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much admiration and gratitude!

Week 6
It’s down to the last two weeks and I am feeling great! The meal plan has changed up a bit (to look better for the photo shoot). Can’t say I’m a huge fan of it, but I am a huge fan of the results it’s giving me! Christina is amazing with knowing how it all works. She can get you where you want to be — you just have to listen. It’s not always easy (with juggling marriage, kiddos, activities, fitness and a home-based business), but it’s well worth the results. When I leave the house, the kiddos are always asking and assuming that I am going to work out. It’s what I do now – and love it! I am very excited to continue being with my “fitfam” even after my “8 Weeks to Greatness” is over. What an awesome privilege this has been! Thank you!

Week 7
I have come to realize that my work towards “fitness and feeling good” is a real sacrifice — and even more so for my husband. My husband has been nothing but supportive and encouraging during my “8 Weeks” training. He has taken over getting the kids fed and off to school on the mornings that I train with Christina. He holds down the fort in the evening and helps with the homework while I am at the gym. Even when I am taking time out during the day to get all my snacks in or meals ready, he’s got my back. And all the while, he’s running and trying to grow our business out of our home. He has more tenacity than any man I know. He is a loving father and wants nothing but the best for all of us. I feel fabulous and am noticing the melting fat… but for this week, it’s my hubby I am noticing more than anything else.

Week 8
What can I say about His & Her Fitness…

What have I received out of 8 Weeks to Greatness…
Nutrition knowledge
Dinner gift card
Clothing gift card
Super fun photo shoot
Fashion help with clothes
Gym tote/bag
Friends — and a Fitness Family

I can’t thank Christina and her staff enough for taking their personal time to help me and teach me to feel better about me! She has graciously shared her knowledge about fitness and nutrition, and truly cares about me. I know anyone who gets trained by her has to feel the same way. I appreciate all of her and her fabulous staff’s hard work, encouragement and laughs — they make it fun to come work out. I will be continuing this lifestyle and joining the gym — and I am trying to work things out to keep training with Christina, as well.

With much love and gratitude — Karey

Stephanie Woltemath

Week 1
The past year has been very difficult for me with the death of my husband and a decision to return to Kansas City. So the timing was perfect when my sister shared information with me about His & Her Fitness. Honestly, I was a bit reluctant when I heard everything that would be required of me, but I finally decided to go for it!

The “8 Weeks to Greatness” program is just what I needed! I have been unhappy with my body for years and am glad that I’m finally doing something to improve my health and looks — as well as keep myself busy! While the workouts are truly work for me, I already feel so much better and I know my body will adjust each week. I have learned so much about food and the changes in my diet are so good for me… and taste pretty darn good too! I take my little lunch cooler filled with snacks and meals with me every day, even on business trips. (Doing my food prep once a week sure makes my meal planning mindless!) I’m committed to working out with the trainers three times a week, plus cardio six times a week. My new routine is working so much better than I originally thought it would and it’s so worth it — especially with the results I’m seeing! The trainers are all so positive and encouraging. I love them all and am truly grateful for this opportunity!

Week 2
Week 2 was another great week. I’m having no problem staying committed because of my favorable results and strong support from H&H fitness staff, other clients and my family. I had so much fun being interviewed about the “8 Weeks to Greatness” program with Christina on FOX 4 News! What an amazing experience!

Christina, Tom, and Merrit are excellent trainers. They are motivating and they genuinely care. They provide great tips to help me be more successful. For example, they told me how to eat properly to help repair my muscles so I’m not sore the next day. Brian and Hieu make my cardio workouts pass by so quickly — they are fun to talk with, they are motivating and they want to see everyone succeed. And I’m having more fun as time goes by because I’m getting to know more people who are all trying to reach the same goals. In particular Karey, Christy and I have shared fun times together in the H&H gym with Brian Hieu, along with visits from Christina and Merrit for extra support.

While this nutrition and fitness plan is definitely a big lifestyle change, it’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I am so thankful for this “8 Weeks to Greatness” opportunity because I feel so much better!

Week 3
Week 3 was my biggest challenge so far — I was out of town for a week attending a conference and visiting my parents in Naples, FL. First of all, I missed my awesome trainers and the new workout friends that I have met at His & Her Fitness! They are such a great support group and I truly appreciate them. And now I don’t like to miss my workouts, which I never thought I would say… it’s addictive! I did my creative and mindless cardio at the hotel gym and my parents’ gym, so I kept that on track. I also brought some frozen food with me and then purchased the rest of my food at the grocery store as soon as I arrived. I was all set and stuck to my plan. I just ran to my room to eat my own food instead of eating the conference meals. Every evening there were cocktail parties, late dessert bars and then socializing at the bar. While those were all things I would have enjoyed prior to my fitness and nutrition plan with H&H, I was so proud of myself for taking a pass, sticking to my food plan and drinking water! I was happy and very satisfied sticking to my plan. I just feel so good eating clean and healthy that it’s not as hard as I thought it might be. It’s a great lifestyle change. When I returned to KC, I met Christina for my weigh-in and measurements and I still had good results. My total loss so far is 15 pounds, 14″ and 12% body fat. I’m looking forward to the next week!

Week 4
This was an amazing week! I started the week by getting some lab results from my doctor and what a shock! My numbers now as compared to my numbers last year were drastically different. For example, my triglycerides were 678 a year ago and have been above 540 for probably 15 years. (I’ve even been told I was pre-diabetic.) Now they’re at 110 which is excellent. (The goal is 90.) All of my lab results were unbelievable and are now in the healthy range — and many of my numbers were not anywhere close to a healthy range a year ago. I had no idea how nutrition and fitness could impact my lab work so significantly and so quickly. I now know that control my health — and making good choices makes more of a difference than I ever believed.

This program at His & Her Fitness is so different from anything else I have ever tried. The overall focus and education on nutrition and fitness is making such a difference. When I ask about certain foods, there’s always a good reason why I shouldn’t have it — or maybe I cannot have it now because I’m still new to strength training and need to get my muscles stronger, but can have the food later. Obviously I’m getting good results and appreciate the time Christina and the trainers take to answer questions and focus on overall wellness and not just exercise.

My biggest challenge this week was all the Royals’ celebrations in the office. Lunch was catered in a few days this week with Italian and Mexican food. The smell for hours right by my office was awesome, but there wasn’t a thing I could eat so I just went home as usual to have my healthy lunch. I enjoyed receiving a gift certificate to Firebirds restaurant. With Christina’s coaching on how to order healthy, I had a wonderful meal! It was quite a treat! Workouts with Merrit and Christina were great and I continued to follow the food plan which led to another 3 pound lost this week and total of 18” lost since the beginning! I went shopping afterwards to buy a couple pairs of pants and a belt. I had to do the happy dance in the dressing room because I fit into pants two sizes smaller!

Looking forward to next week!

Week 5
This week was another great week with good results — total loss is 20 pounds. and 22 inches. I’m very thankful I participated in this program. It’s so different than I thought it might be. Other places I have attended have been intimidating, big, and no trainer ever knew your name or really seemed to care. Christina and her trainers are very good at what they do — but they’re also fun, friendly and encouraging. They know your name (and give you nick names like “tiny”… Ha!) and you get to meet other clients because there are small groups of people. I am thrilled at the combination of nutrition and fitness. I’ve never experienced that before and it obviously works very well! I’m working out with tougher assignments and I can actually do them. I haven’t done push-ups in decades and did three sets of 10 this week!

I have a new menu this week and I’m traveling on business so the planning and food prep has begun! This has taught me so many valuable lessons — and if I think I can do it, I can do it!

Week 7
What an interesting week… I had to be at a conference in Dallas for five days and I planned so well. I had all of my food prepped and when I landed, I realized that I had left my food in my refrigerator in KC! Fortunately, I arrived a day early and was staying with my sister-in-law and her family. I headed to the local Whole Foods and purchased my groceries (along with a cooler), and then prepped all my food. I was back in business and stuck to my food plan for the week. I continued my exercise everyday, as well — however I did have to miss one strength training session. Boy did I miss that! I’m now addicted to my personal training routine. Traveling is always a bit of a challenge, but it’s all about being committed and making good choices. As with each conference, business takes place at the bar each evening. I’m getting used to my ice water in a cocktail glass with a lime to avoid the questions from others as to why I’m not drinking. Not having alcohol has been much easier that I thought it would be.

After my trip, my weigh-in and measurements were still good and I continue to make progress. Positive results always help me make good choices! In addition, the support from my trainers and fitness friends at His & Her Fitness — personally or via social media — sure helps me stay committed to this wellness plan (regardless of whether I’m in town or traveling). I’m ready to tackle my last week on my “8 Weeks to Greatness” plan!

Week 8
What a fun and exciting week! Last weekend was the His & Her Fitness holiday party and then the big photo/video shoot. I have never been pampered so much — and I loved every bit of it! I had so much fun picking out clothes to wear at Feng for one of the photo shoots. And the exercise clothes Christina bought us were fabulous! It’s the first time I have ever worn a fitted exercise tank-type top. Christina arranged to have our make-up and hair done which was a joy! Everyone was so nice and I had a blast doing the photo/video shoots. The “8 Weeks to Greatness” program has been such a generous gift — and I appreciate it more than anyone knows.

This week my strength training and cardio workouts were back on my routine — and that felt so good. I actually cheated for the first time one evening when I was having dinner at a friend’s house with a several friends. I thought about taking food, but decided not to. Dinner was quiche and salad, which was delicious. I participated and just had a little amount of each. It’s over and I just got right back on track. It’s life! My results were still great so I can’t beat myself up too much.

Family is coming in town for the big Thanksgiving meal and my birthday is coming. I’m already planning ahead! I’m not blowing what I’ve learned and worked so hard to achieve! I love this program and look forward to continuing this program! I’m down three sizes in my clothes and I love not shopping in the plus size department. I will see more positive results in the future — even over the holidays. I know what to do and will have the support of the trainers at His & Her Fitness!

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