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Gym Weight Workout

When performed properly, exercising with weights is the best way to increase muscle tone and improve total body strength. You should always work out with a personal trainer (or an individual trained in proper weight-lifting techniques) when you begin your own weight-lifting program at our gym or try new exercises. Begin with smaller muscle groups and work up to the larger muscle groups — and remember to work opposing muscle groups in an exercising session. And, as always, please check with your doctor before performing any exercise. But don’t worry if you are sore after a couple days of exercising with weights – that’s normal! Check out the pictures and tips on various exercises below. Get ready for lift off!!

Warm-up = Be sure to warm up both your arm and leg muscles before you start your workout. Do 15-20 reps to get the blood flowing and loosen those muscles!

Shoulders = Dumbbell Shoulder Press



Biceps = Bicep Curls with Palms Up, Elbows and Back Against the Wall



Posterior Deltoids = Reverse Fly



Chest and Back = Lat Pull-downs to the Front (Tip: Girls Grip Close and Guys Grip Wide)



Quadriceps and Hamstrings = Single Leg Squat; Single Leg Bridge; Step-back Lunge









And remember – it’s very important to stretch when you’re done!

stretching1 stretching2 stretching3 stretching4 stretching5