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Remembering Ed Budde

My friendship with Ed began at our regular Sunday coffee shop meetup. We would chat about our week, family, and friends. One day, Ed mentioned that he knew I enjoyed helping children, and he invited me to attend an upcoming event he was organizing. I was thrilled to support him in any way I could, as children and animals are causes close to my heart.

During the event, I found myself sitting at Ed’s table with his friends and his wife, Caroline. To my surprise, Len Dawson, a professional athlete, joined us and went up to speak. As a small-town girl who never imagined meeting a professional athlete, I was in awe. But Ed was never boastful about his connections; he was simply a kind man who cared about others, especially his family.

Over time, our friendship grew stronger. We started golfing together annually, enjoyed lunches and dinners, and shared countless wonderful stories. Ed was always there for me, and I cherished our friendship.

With time, Ed started working out at His & Her Fitness every Monday to Friday at 10 am. The gym was always filled with joy upon his arrival, and of course, Poppy, our gym dog, had to give him her love. As a gym owner, it is always special to me to share my passion with anyone who walks through our doors.

During our training sessions, we would often play Elvis and Ed would occasionally bring in his own CDs for us to jam out to. I loved training him because it gave me the opportunity to get to know him even more. Every week, his athletic side would come out as he gained lean muscle and added strength. His favorite exercises were the ropes and cable column cross over.

Click here to see Ed in action!!!

One day, I asked him, “Who is your best friend?” With a smile and a straight look, he replied, “Caroline is my best friend.” It was heartwarming to see the bond they shared.

Ed was not only passionate about fitness and sports, but he also had a deep love for dogs. He often shared stories about his own furry companions and expressed his admiration for Poppy, our gym dog. It was clear that his love for animals was a reflection of his kind and compassionate nature.

I would like to end this by saying that the stories and memories I have of Ed Budde are what friendship is all about – being present, having fun, and supporting each other. Everyone who knows Ed will remember him not just as a professional athlete, but as a person who had a loving family, amazing friends, and an incredible life. He will be deeply missed, but his spirit will live on in our hearts.

Christina Larson



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Christina’s Corner

T’was the week before Christmas, and all through the gym

The energy was flowing, it wasn’t a whim

The goals were being crushed, the gains were there

As vacations, family gatherings and good food drew near


Seven days of holiday spirit, a tradition to behold

As Christina came dressed as though from the North Pole

Disguised as Ms Claus, an Elf, and a Reindeer

Not to mention Merry Fitmas & a Happy New Rear


‘Keep up the good work’ she said, ‘don’t let it fade

Make sure your heart health still makes the grade

2024 is just around the bend

We’ll work with you, your goals we will send.’


All who receive this, friends far and wide

Know you have someone who’s always on your side

And as we reflect on all we hold dear

We look forward to being with you all,

to ring in the New Year 🙂

Christina Larson
Owner / Trainer MCPT-PFI / ON and ABB Sponsored Athlete

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Christina Larson