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8 Weeks to Greatness – 2020 Participant


8 weeks to greatness 2020 BEFORE AFTER

Week 1
I have always considered myself an overall heathy person. I regularly workout and eat healthy. I have been a member of His and Her Fitness for several years although, I have never taken advantage of the personal training. Christina approached me about applying for the 8 weeks to greatness program. She said I was a great candidate because she sees me in the gym and recognized all my hard work. She talked about how I am actually working too hard. This concept is difficult for me to understand, how can a person work to hard? She is certain that I will see results with some added strength training, less cardio and adjustments to my diet.

The 8 weeks to greatness program started during the pandemic. It has been such a crazy time for everyone including myself. Staying home all the time has been difficult. Honestly, I had begun to really make horrible choices with my eating. Being chosen for this program could not have happened at a better time. This has given me something positive to focus on and has prevented me from continuing with the unhealthy choices.

Week 2
At this point, I have begun to get into the swing things. Christina has worked with me to create an eating plan that is ideal for my body type. She has talked a lot about how important every meal is as well as the importance of eating balanced meals. Each meal should include a combination of a protein, fiber and starch. In addition to the balanced meals, I am eating six times a day. I am eating so much more than I was before starting the program and I have not been hungry, which has made it easy to stick to the eating plan.

I am continuing to do cardio six times a week and also have added strength training three times a week. I have very little experience with lifting and have greatly appreciated Christina’s patience as I become more comfortable with lifting.

Week 3

Running…I love to run! This has been the hardest mind shift for me. I run for exercise, but also it helps with stress management and allows me to clear my mind. I am learning that with running, my heartrate stays above my target zone for an extended amount of time. I am also learning the importance of staying in my heartrate zone and how this correlates with the results I see each week. Christina has been working with me and encouraging creative cardio. This type of workout is different for me, but I am really beginning to enjoy the variety. Creative cardio allows me to get my heartrate up and down while working a variety of different muscles. Although running is something I enjoy, it can be hard on my body. I feel the impact of running on my knees and often have aches and pains. Unlike running, creative cardio provides a workout in which I am strengthening a variety of muscles without the negative impact on my body.

8 weeks to greatness 31 scaled

Week 4

Having friends that support your health goals is not always easy to find. I am lucky enough to have two of my closest friends support me through this journey. We workout together, share recipes, and provide that needed encouragement. It’s nice to have friends that are willing to get together with me for an evening walk instead of happy hour. Additionally, my husband and I have always supported each other and encouraged a healthy lifestyle. One of our favorite things to do together is to workout. I contribute much of my success to the support of those around me. I believe that this is one of the main reasons I am starting to see the results from this program. I am losing weight and inches, while replacing fat for muscle. My clothes are fitting better and even some have become too big. My energy level is up, and I am feeling better than I have for a long time. The encouragement that I am receiving from those around me has been amazing!

Week 5 and 6

As I continue into the second half or this program, everything is becoming easier as it becomes a lifestyle. The staff at His and Her Fitness has continued to provide me with all the support I need. They have been there with everything from a smile to encouraging words. Christina has created a program that keeps me accountable in many ways. I complete a food journal that I send to her each day. By sending my journal, she is able to make suggestions and provide alternatives when necessary. Additionally, I am asked to weigh and do measurements weekly. This has been extremely helpful and allows me to understand how my body is changing for the better. Each week, Christina takes the time to set weekly goals that are attainable. She focuses on the small strides while still providing any constructive criticism when necessary.

The resources Christina has provided is also extremely helpful. One of my favorite things is to get onto the website and try one of the many new and healthy recipes she has for her clients. I love to cook, and I am still able to make great meals for myself and my family.

8 weeks to greatness 29 scaled

Week 7

The 8-week program has flown by! The support I am receiving has continued to motivate me to finish these last two weeks strong. With each day passing, I am feeling healthier and stronger. My friends and family are really noticing my transformation, and all the hard work is paying off. I am seeing muscle definition and continuing to lose pounds and inches weekly. The small, attainable goals, I set each week are adding up to big results. During these final weeks, Christina has worked with me and made some small adjustments to my diet.

Week 8

I can officially say I’m in the home stretch. As I look back, I am very proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new. This has been such a great experience for me not just focused on my physical and mental health, but with my overall confidence. Silly, I know, but this confidence has opened me up to being more comfortable posting on social media and taking the ever-dreaded selfie! Looking back, I am very happy with my results and this 8-week to Greatness journey has been such a blessing for me and my family. I have had many opportunities to talk about healthy eating and the importance of exercise with my family with the results to back it up. I cannot say thank you enough to Christina and her team for all the support and guidance during this time. I look forward to continuing to meet my fitness goals in the days to come.

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