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Melanie’s Journal – 1st “8 Weeks to Greatness” client

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Melanie’s Personal Training Diary:

Week 1: Melanie is now burning a extra 270 calories a day because of her body fat loss!!! We are so proud of her!!!!!
First Week results
Weight: 7 lbs lost; Inches: 4 1/2 lost; Body Fat: 1.7% lost; lbs of Fat: 4.5 lost

Week 2: I just finished week 2, and it was much harder than week 1. It was harder for me to motivate myself to get up and go every morning this week. It was all brand new last week so it wasn’t this hard. By the end of week 2, I was so glad that I had done this and worked hard at it. It always feels good driving home after my workout knowing what I just accomplished.

It is still so hard for me to feel like I have this much time to spend on myself. I feel like I could be getting so many things done during that time. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the time commitment since my boys soccer and baseball have started. I talked with Christina about this today, and she reassured me that I am doing what is right. I feel SO much better when I do make the time to workout and eat right so in the long run I know this is the best thing for me.

I am still happy with the way things are going and actually felt a little sad driving home on Thur. thinking about my 8 weeks being over. I have definitely decided I am going to keep up with my exercising and eating healthy even after my prize package is done.

There was another bonus to this week : People are starting to notice how I am changing!

Week 3: I just finished week 3. I had a great week. My wedding ring fits again. I am so excited. It got too tight when I was pregnant, and wouldn’t go back on until now.

We made some adjustments to my Success Meals this week. Christina took out the starches at dinner time. It made a big difference. Success Meals is so good about working with you to get you what your body needs.

This week was much easier for me to get up and go to excercise. I think it is because of the great results I am seeing, and other people.

I just got stuck in a rut before I started all of this and thought it would just be too hard to take off the weight and get into shape, but it is not too hard. It is worth every bit of the work. I will have the energy to do so much more with my kids this summer, and won’t have to worry about being in a bathing suit.

Week 4: Week 4 went by so fast. I think it is starting to become a habit to exercise and eat healthy. I had to go out for pizza for my nephew’s birthday, and I was perfectly happy to eat a salad with no pizza. I just kept thinking about how I felt when I was heavier, and it is not worth it. It is just becoming routine to get up, take care of my kids, and go exercise.

I have lost 16 pounds total, and can really tell a difference. It is nice to put on some of my “small jeans” and have them be too big. Christina told me I need to go get some new clothes. She is tired of seeing me wear clothes that are too big.:)

Week 5 might be a different story because I have to start sprints and step everything up a notch, but week 4 went great.

Week 5: Week 5 went by very fast. I started sprints this week. I hated them the first day that I did them, and felt like I was going to die. I have now done them for a week and I actually like them. It helps make my cardio go by so much faster. The trainers kept telling me that would be the case, but I would not believe them.

I have noticed that it is just my routine now to get up and get ready for exercise. I would not feel good if I did not make the time to do it now. I have also noticed I am starting to get hungry more now than when I started. We are going to bump my protein and calories up just a little bit to help with that.

Overall, I am feeling great. I am not dreading shorts weather finally. I can put on a pair of shorts and feel very comfortable walking around with my new muscular legs.

Next week I am going to get a 60 minute massage from Satoraum. I can’t wait.

Week 6: Week 6 was a great week. I am really enjoying the exercise this week. I have just realized how nice it is to get a break from taking care of my very high maintenance baby while I do something for myself. It helps me feel refreshed and ready to take care of everything I need to do for the rest of the day when I get some time for myself. This is a benefit I did not think about when I signed up for this, but it is great to have a break every day. I guess I should call it a mental break, not a physical break. The exercising itself is not easy, but worth all of the hard work.

Week 7: Week 7 was a tough week. I was so busy with all of my kids activities that I thought I was going to collapse. I have started going tanning this week. I am suprised at how much I love doing this. I can just lay there and relax in peace for a few minutes every time I go.

I felt tired this week because my 8 month old would not sleep very well at night or during naps. I had a harder time getting up and going this week, but I figure if I can make it through this week I can make it through most weeks. It was just a very crazy, busy week with the kids.

I am having so much fun this week pulling out half of my wardrobe and bagging it up because it is too big. I am slowly starting to get some new things that fit right. If I have done all of this hard work I want some clothes that don’t hang off of me.

I am excited for week 8. I can’t believe it is already here.


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