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Meredith’s Journal – 2016

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Meredith Dubill – Weeks 1-2 August 7-21

I’ve chosen to step way outside my comfort zone and get “me” back. I have four children between 21 months and 9 years old. We lead an unbelievably busy lifestyle. Our kids’ activities dominate our “free” time. I am also incredibly blessed to own my own business (Meredith Dubill Photography) which keeps me hard at work year round. I have not worked out or taken care of myself since my third child was born about 6 years ago. I decided I am worth making time for to be the best me I can be for my family. I have been craving more energy so I could be a better mother and wife. I have made the mental decision to go “all in” and do this. In the past I would attempt to exercise or eat better but always knew something would come up to derail me. This time is different. With loads of encouragement from Christina and the trainers at His and Her Fitness I have decided to be positive and not have any excuses. This is my time. I am going to get “me” back.

MeredithBeforeAfter 1The first step was to get a personalized meal plan and workout regimen from the trainers. I met with Christina and she laid out a specific plan just for me. I know exactly what I’m supposed to eat for 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. The food prepping has been crucial and prevented me from just grabbing something quick and easy regardless of how healthy it was. I even got rid of my glass of wine at the end of long “Mommy” days. Like I said, I’m all in. I text my food journal to my trainers each day and I LOVE having the accountability and the positive encouragement from them. I am doing 6 days of cardio and will introduce strength training soon. I certainly had days where I was tired but whenever I show up to the gym their positive attitude is contagious and helps keep me motivated. I can do this.

We took measurements on day 1 and at the end of two weeks and WOW…down 12 pounds and 6 inches in two weeks! Every expectation or hope I had has been exceeded. I have more energy for my family and myself. In addition, feeling good has made me “clean up” other areas of my life/home so the dedication is so worth it. And not only am I now on this journey, to support me my husband is eating what I eat and working out religiously as well…and the results for him are incredible as well. As I end the first two weeks I feel incredibly blessed and positive.

Meredith Dubill – Week 3 August 22-28

img_6039I’m still feeling really good and I added strength training 3x a week in addition to my cardio. The strength training is what made me the most nervous of the entire plan. The trainers did a great job explaining everything and keeping me going. I was definitely sore this week but also know that I haven’t used or worked many of these muscle groups for a long time. I’m gaining confidence with every workout and the meal planning is second nature at this point. My husband and I plan and make the meals well in advance so there it takes the guess work out of each meal.
Christina and the trainers are relentless with their positive energy and praise. Whether it is a text just when I need it or some positive words in the gym they know exactly what I need. At this point it is hard for me to imagine just how good I may feel at the end of my 8 weeks to greatness journey. I’m enjoying the process and excited for every workout!

Meredith Dubill – Week 4 August 29-September 4

This week was all about consistency. I continue to feel more and more comfortable in the gym. The trainers are so good at teaching you how to workout effectively and are such a valuable resource for what to eat. I definitely look at food completely different, I see it as fuel for what I am trying to achieve. I plan each meal well in advance and it makes it so easy to execute. If I ever have questions the trainers are such an outstanding resource to keep me on the right path. It really has become my new normal. I truly believe if you get the right guidance and make up your mind to do it the rest will follow. It has for me.

unnamed-3Meredith Dubill – Week 5 September 5-11

I’m feeling stronger on the outside which is making me feel stronger on the inside. I’ve completed half of my journey and had to go buy new clothes! And I didn’t buy clothes just because I wanted to, after four kids, I literally didn’t have anything that fit! It was crazy. I felt like this may happen at the end, but after only a month the changes are so dramatic. I’m down two pant sizes. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to the trainers at His and Her Fitness. They have given me all the support I needed and then some. I have gotten so many compliments and keep getting texts and messages from tons of people about how I’m inspiring them and how they are cheering me on. What an amazing feeling! I am surrounded by so many caring positive influences. I knew I could do this but wasn’t sure how good it would feel. It feels better than I could have imagined and I’m only half way there. I’m enjoying the journey and look forward to the last half of this process!

Meredith Dubill – Week 6 September 12-18

Even though there are days that have been very tough emotionally for me recently I have been able to keep on track.  The accountability is a big part of this process for me.  I know how many people are supporting me and helping me through this process.  I am so grateful to Christina and the staff and His and Her Fitness and all my friends and family who are constantly keeping me focused in their different ways.  I continue to find strength I haven’t had in a long time.

MeredithchristinaMeredith Dubill – Week 7 September 19-25

I have continued to be able to raise the intensity of my workouts and things that would have been impossible for me just a few weeks ago are part of my regular routine.  I have stayed consistent and dedicated to my healthy eating.  We plan our meals for the week, make them so they are ready to go when we need them and it makes meal time a breeze.  We don’t get in situations where we aren’t sure what we are going to eat and then end up eating something bad for us because it is quick and easy.  I continue to have an incredible support group and can’t believe the progress I have made in such a short period of time.  If someone would have told me 7 weeks ago I would look and feel like this I wouldn’t have believed them.  If you are deciding and ready for a change like I was come join me at the gym! I would love to workout with you and share in your journey as well.

Meredith Dubill – Week 8 September 26-October 2

WOW!  What an amazing journey!  What seemed impossible and was very hard to imagine has become my new reality.  It’s really hard to believe how routine everything is now and how much I have benefited from this program.  Again, I can’t say enough about Christina and the staff at His & Her Fitness!!  They have taught me so much and it has resulted in fantastic results not only for me but my family as well.  My husband and I have lost over 55 pounds together and have transformed our bodies in a very short period of time.  As we joke about all the time…we have no clothes that fit and that’s a good problem to have!  I did this while juggling the schedules of four children who are very involved in activities, a full time photography business during the busiest time of the year and many other things.  If you are on the fence about what is possible I highly encourage you to talk to Christina and the staff at His and Her Fitness about what options may be a great fit for you.  They customize the plan to you and truly care about getting you where you want to go.  Thanks again to everyone who supported me along this journey, I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by better people in my life!

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