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Nancy’s Journal – 2013

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Week 1:
This has been an absolutely great week. I was so excited to start my training! The creative cardio and clean eating have made a huge difference in my energy levels – plus, my sleep is better than it has been for years. And, of course, the weight loss is both impressive and exciting for me.

As part of my new routine, I needed to rearrange my morning schedule. His & Her Fitness is an hour away from my home! So now I wake everyday at 5:00am. I walk my dog and do my thirty minutes of creative cardio. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I hop into the car by 6:10am for my long commute to His & Her Fitness. (I hit the highway for a Saturday workout, too.) Luckily my breakfast quiche is easy to eat during the drive – and my amino energy drink is, too! But I’m not complaining – this opportunity is well worth the early morning effort and long drive to H&H. I love the positive changes I’m seeing. My new goal – striving to be healthy and fit for life!

P.S. As of Oct. 22, I am down 18 pounds. Yea!

Week 2:
This week started off great – and then became more difficult. Life just got in the way. I had a couple of back-to-back special events that threw off my sleep. My Saturday training was the most difficult for me – I was fatigued after getting only five hours of sleep after working Friday night at a big Halloween event. It was very eye-opening to me that – without at least seven hours of sleep – I was whipped. As a woman who has lived on less than optimal sleep for more than 15 years, I now understand how much better I am with the adequate rest that I am getting with my new routine. It is very clear to me that clean eating, creative cardio, weight training and sleep are the combination I need for success!

My trainers, EJ, Billy and Tom, are pushing me to be stronger – and along the way they give me positive feedback and guidance on nutritional options and training. As always, Christina is there to answer any questions I could possibly have and support my choice to be fit and healthy.

This week my weight loss was lower than I would have liked – only 1.6 pounds. Unfortunately I made a poor choice in almond butter and got some unnecessary sodium. On to next week!

Week 3:
This was a great week for me. My trainers are pushing me harder now that I’m in my third week of training. I was sore a bit longer than I had been in previous weeks – but again, it’s all worth the effort for the good results. And I had no special events this week, so my sleep stayed on schedule – a big plus for me. I’m happy to report that my clean eating, creative cardio and training sessions were also easily maintained as part of the week’s routine.

Next week I am traveling for work – that will present another challenge.

Week 4:
This week was a bit of a challenge as I was traveling with a group of gentlemen from work. I did get in my cardio workouts and planned ahead to bring some food for the first day, plus enough for all my breakfasts and snacks. Thank goodness most places have grilled chicken and steamed or grilled veggies. I ate protein bars for my snacks so I wouldn’t make any bad choices, but I am sure they were probably too high in carbs for the afternoon snack. Good thing it was a short trip!

I also had to adjust my workout times this week. I trained Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week, as I was out of town from Sunday morning to Wednesday night. Despite this week’s crazy schedule, the training seems to be really working for me. I can feel myself getting stronger and my resting heart rate is down 10 to 12 points. My trainers EJ, Billy and Tom are doing a good job of challenging me each week.

My weight loss has slowed down – even though I did lose another two pounds this week. Christina and I are meeting Monday to go over my nutrition. I have pretty much been eating the same thing each week because it was working – but now we will to change it up to avoid a plateau.

Week 5:
This was a week of personal celebration for me. Wednesday, Nov.13, 2013, was the one year and five month anniversary of me kicking cancer’s butt! I am a breast cancer survivor, so my work in learning to eat right, control my weight, and exercise regularly are a huge part in helping me stay healthy so I can continue to add years to this date.

I have had five surgeries since June 13, 2012 so I am used to due diligence for a great result. Working out with my three trainers and Christina at His & Her Fitness are making good health possible and I am achieving great results. I continue to get stronger every week and I look forward to the new challenges EJ, Billy and Tom task me with. This week each of my trainers worked on strengthening my glutes. (My balance is challenged due to my previous hip replacement surgery.)

I am down another two pounds and am now wearing clothes I haven’t worn for quite some time. It sure feels good when I slide into an older, previously “unwearable” pair of pants or a skirt — it’s like I’ve gone shopping without spending a dime on clothes! And it’s a great way to celebrate.

Week 6:
All the positive changes I have been making in my life recently are now becoming habit to me. I wake up feeling rested, positive and ready to begin another day – starting with walking my dog and doing my creative cardio. I look forward to each one of my training sessions and I am actually sad that this is already the end of week #6. Not only am I making amazing progress (anyway that’s what my coworkers tell me!), but I am also so thankful to have had this opportunity to change my life.

Christina has also been pampering us – first off with a facial from Shannon Fenton Coster, which was amazing. And I’ve started going to The Tan Company to get my glow for the photo shoot. I am so blessed to be a part of this year’s 8 Weeks to Greatness!

This entire experience is the most positive thing to happen to me for quite some time – and maybe even forever.

Week 7:
Wow – I can’t believe my “8 Weeks to Greatness” training is coming to an end! This has been an amazing experience and I have learned so much from Christina, EJ, Billy and Tom. What a team Christina has put together! Now I am trying to figure out how I can continue to train with my His & Her Fitness friends. I am telling anyone who may be giving me a Christmas present that this is what I want. Trust me – I will find a way to train longer!

The workouts have definitely become more difficult each week of my training. I am really excited every time I train to see what my guys are throwing my way and how much stronger I have become. One result I am really proud of is how my arms are tightening up and are no longer waving back at me when I wave goodbye to my grandson. It stinks – but weight and age do crazy things to your body. (We all knew that, didn’t we!) And now, of course, I’m working to reverse these things. Today at the gym I was told that my waist is getting small – that’s another part of my body that had disappeared and I’m now reclaiming! The pounds continue to come off and I continue to eat clean, do my six days of creative cardio, and weight train. I am a better person from this experience inside and out.

BTW – my favorite day of the week is now Monday! Christina has changed up my eating and I enjoy a small filet on Monday night. What a nice addition to all the fish and chicken I have been eating.

Week 8:
Wow! This has been an amazing and life changing experience for me! And this last week was amazing! I felt like a princess getting my hair and make-up done professionally – plus then I got to wear a great outfit from standard style. I looked and felt fantastic. The photo shoot was a blast! It was great to get my picture taken with the H&H team.

When Friday came around and I went into my closet to see about what I should wear to work, I grabbed a pair of jeans that I wore maybe three times in 2008 and haven’t been able to wear since. Not anymore – I wore those jeans and strutted all day! I feel so great about my accomplishments and fully intend to keep up with this program. Christina, EJ, Billy and Tom have been such a positive influence in my life that I need and want to keep them close to me. As Christina says, “Positive feeds positive.” So I want them to be a part of my healthy and fit future.

Several times every day I am asked about what have I done and told that I look great. And after I talk about Christina and the H&H team, everyone knows that I feel great, too! I was even told that I look younger by a much younger guy – what a compliment to a woman of my age!

For anyone who needs to change the way they eat, who wants to add “do-able” exercise for basic health, who wants to fight the effects of medications and who plans to stay healthy for life like me – His & Her Fitness can make you a success! So change your life and commit to yourself and the His & Her Fitness team – you won’t be sorry!

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